The Lode

One small step for man, one giant leap for straight, white men. Thanks to The Lewd intern, who made us this image for a free small coffee from the Wads dining hall.

Professor and students colonize Mars

Glenn De Niro, My wife is a doctor
April 22, 2021
Stick one of the new AirTags on your baby and let it loose!

Apple’s latest release

Melissa Carone, Drunkard Conspiracy Theorist
April 22, 2021
Students should pay high prices for textbooks

Why textbooks should be more expensive

Tim McGraw-Hill, Four-time Champ of Winter Carnival Beer Pong
April 22, 2021
This image depicts how President Wests music DESTROYS the corona, leading to its death. Thank you President Yeezy

Corona Cure has been found

Dr. R, Pretending to be a doctor
December 10, 2020
This shows one person who was so mesmerized they tattooed some lyrics onto their skin. It reads, “I love your titties ’cause they prove I can focus on two things at once” from All Mine

Donald Trump steps down for Kanye

VibeDoc, Possibly had COVID before COVID was cool
December 10, 2020
North West asked the audience, “What are those? These are clothes!” as if it wasn’t obvious.

First lady KKW brings one-woman show to Rozsa

Da Real Mad Dog, Tested positive: for missing the homies
December 10, 2020
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