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Lode Advertisement Policy

  1. Ads must be sent to Requests for ads sent to the personal emails of Lode members will be rejected. A request for an ad is not a guarantee of ad placement.
  2. Advertisers must send their ad and have it accepted by the Editorial Board at least two (2)  weeks before its intended publication date.
  3. Payment is due by the very latest on the date of the first publication of the advertisement. Payment is preferred upon paperwork completion. Payment must be in the form of a check, cash, or direct deposit using the Lode routing number, which is given on the Invoice.
  4. The Lode does not design ads. The Lode may request changes be made to ad designs at any point before publication. Failure to comply will result in the ad not being published. Final designs must be approved by no later than 5 p.m. two (2) days prior to publication.
  5. In the case of a failure to publish, the Lode may only be held liable up to the cost of the individual ad.
  6. The Lode does NOT accept ads that are libelous, obscene, in violation of copyright law, or otherwise unlawful.
  7. The Lode has the right to refuse an ad at any point if it promotes behaviors or actions that violate Michigan Tech’s university policies.
  8. The Lode does NOT accept ads that contain racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory content. Final determination resides with the Editorial Board.
  9. The Lode will NOT accept ads from special interest groups or make reference to Special Interest Groups.
    1. A Special Interest Group is defined here as a group or organization which seeks to promote specific principles or influence political policy. Final determination of a group falling into the category of a Special Interest Group resides with the members of the Editorial Board. 
  10. The Lode WILL accept ads for non-partisan calls to vote. The Lode will NOT accept ads containing calls to vote for specific policies or candidates. Final determination of an ad qualifying as non-partisan resides with the members of the Editorial Board. 
  11. The Lode Editorial Board reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding ad publication.
  12. The Lode currently only offers ad space for businesses of good standing within the United States of America. Ads which do not match this criteria will be rejected.
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