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Rachel Dick November 17, 2022
Husky thoughts
November 17, 2022
A return to normal on Sharon Avenue
Laurel Schmidt November 17, 2022

With the completion of construction on College Avenue, two-way traffic is now restored. Along with this,...

Ask the Dean
Ask the Dean
Dr. Wallace Southerland III November 17, 2022

Q: "If you could go anywhere on vacation, real or fictional, where would you go and why?"   There...

Michigan Tech wants you as an RA
Tyler Becker November 10, 2022

Each year MTU looks to the students in the dorms to take the experiences they gained from their RA and...

Lode Archive Photo: The Wolfpack skates out onto the ice. Photo and colorization by Tim Peters.
The Wolfpack wins back to back games this weekend against rival team from UW-Superior
Ace Hobbs November 10, 2022

The Michigan Tech D2 club hockey team, the Wolfpack, won back to back games this weekend on Friday Nov....

Michigan Tech broomball starts up
Jack Kalkman November 10, 2022

Within the last week, preparations for broomball teams have already begun. Captain’s Meetings, team...

Tips to get home for the holidays
Laurel Schmidt November 10, 2022

As the end of the semester draws nearer, Michigan Tech students look towards going home for the holidays....

Ask the Dean
Ask the Dean
Dr. Wallace Southerland III November 10, 2022

Ask the Dean is a weekly column by MTU’s Dean of Students, Dr. Wallace Southerland III, where students...

The MTU Ridge Roamers. Photo provided by Thomas Draper.
Ridge Roamers host Keweenaw Climbing Competition
Thomas Draper November 10, 2022

Michigan Tech student organization bi-annual event open to all. The Ridge Roamers club of Michigan...

Commuting presents difficulties for Hancock students
JT Boudreau November 10, 2022

A masters of chemistry student leaves his apartment in the predawn darkness, fastening his coat tight...

The sun shines on the head of the Tech Trails. Photo by Rachel Dick
Ultra Marathon Club hosts their first trail race
Thomas Draper November 2, 2022

All new student organization holds inaugural Distance race event The new and emerging Keweenaw Ultramarathon...

October ends with a successful haunted production in the Quincy Mine
Ace Hobbs November 2, 2022

Michigan Tech’s annual Haunted Mine Tour took place this past weekend. From small children to grown...

Michigan Tech considers new ways of cracking down on academic integrity violators
Eric Goulet November 2, 2022

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) met this past Wednesday, Oct. 26. The agenda for the week...

Rocky Horror came to Tech
Zachary Collin November 2, 2022

The Rozsa hosted its usual preshow reception, featuring a DJ, movie trivia by the MTU Film Board, and...

MTU vs. St. Lawrence University, Oct. 29. Pohot taken and colorized by Tim Peters
Men's Hockey: MTU vs. St. Lawrence University
Lucas Runkel November 2, 2022

Michigan Technological University won both hockey games in a full sweep this weekend, Oct. 28 and 29,...


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Dean thots: Dean?
Dean thots: Dean?
#HoldYourHand, I'll get back to you later

In light of the recent revelations of the Dean’s beauty routine, the new additions to the Dean’s Club, and the possible 1922 spotting of...

Can Bonnie do this?
Ask the Dean: What does it mean to connect on a deeper level?
Thor O. Denson, Dean

Ask Dean questions and Dean answers.    Question: What does it mean to connect on a deeper level? “Connecting on a deeper level”...

Look as good as The Dean with these tips.
Dean’s beauty secrets, exposed!
#HuskyShame, Piss Editor

Daytime Routine   Wash face with Tears of Dean’s Enemies.  Moisturize with anti-aging serum, because deans don’t age. ...

Ode to Dean
Ode to Dean
#HuskyShame, Piss Editor

No one compares To our beloved Dean Some ask, “Who cares?” “We do,” we scream   He spits straight facts In his...

Are you a member of the Deans Club?
Joining the club
Bonn Nee, Newest Dean's Club Member

797 people: That was it. Over 7 billion people are currently living on this planet, and just 797 belong to the most exclusive club in the world-The...

MTU vs. Bemidji State, Saturday Oct. 22. Photo and colorization by Tim Peters.
Men's Hockey: MTU vs. Bemidji State (Saturday)
Nicholas Bergstrom October 26, 2022
Medical Laboratory Science students and SMLS members (from left to right) Jenna Disser, Jessica McQuinn and Kacie Ziolkowski are seen here working in Michigan Tech’s on-campus COVID-19 lab.
Getting your lab results: Medical Lab Scientists bring real-world testing to MTU
Madison Degnitz, Pulse Editor • November 19, 2020

While you may not know what a medical laboratory scientist does, you’ve probably been impacted by their work at one point in your life. Whether it's a routine blood or urine test or something more serious, before any decision is made regarding treatment or diagnosis, your doctor consults tests run by hospital lab staff, which, you guessed it–is made up of medical laboratory scientists!  Medical...