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Lewd special satirical article: BREAKING NEWS: Blizzard found with NMU’s “Willy”

Disclaimer: This article is a part of The Lewd, a biannual satirical project put together by The Lode staff, typically published the week before finals. Opinions presented in these articles do not reflect The Lode values.

In a shocking turn of events that has left the Michigan Technological University community in a state of disbelief, the iconic Husky mascot, Blizzard, has been expelled from the institution.

Blizzard, a cherished university icon renowned for their loyal and tenacious presence, has been found to be involved in a deep scandal after leaked photos of Blizzard and Northern’s mascot “Wildcat Willy” having an affair surfaced. 

“We at Michigan Tech are distraught and troubled by these recent events. We will at no time allow for our mascot to be sleeping with the enemy,” said a senior staff member at Michigan Tech.

“I was heading to my morning lecture when I saw Blizzard being escorted off the campus,” said a senior mechanical engineering student. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. But after hearing about the night Blizzard shared with Willy, I know Blizzard has no place at Michigan Tech.”

Students and faculty alike are hitting a wall trying to find a new mascot for Michigan Tech. 

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