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Campus Life

Business Spotlight: Versus

Innovation is everywhere at Michigan Tech. For chemical engineering major Emmet Eurich, innovation is more than a concept — it’s a lifestyle. Eurich and his

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A safe space

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it takes to be an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community? Are you interested in learning more about creating

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Keweenaw through the lens

Michigan’s Copper Country, the Keweenaw Peninsula is one place where nature transcends itself into a Utopia for aspiring photographers. The name Keweenaw comes from the

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Fresh, local food

Even within the smaller communities of the Upper Peninsula, there are many who come together in order to be part of local farmer’s market traditions

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The “China Gold” standard

  Saturday’s Parade of Nations ended with a beautiful performance by the China Gold acrobatic group. The auditorium was full of eager students and families,

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K-Day: A tradition

Friday afternoon brought blue skies and sunshine, a welcoming sight for all the people who were headed out to McLain State Park to celebrate K-Day.

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Holi color festival

Saturday, April 9, students and commu­nity members alike rejoiced as they cele­brated Holi Festival of Colors, the sequel to the Holi Night celebration of the

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