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K-Day: A tradition

Friday afternoon brought blue skies and sunshine, a welcoming sight for all the people who were headed out to McLain State Park to celebrate K-Day. Many students, clubs and groups came out for the event. Although the celebration began at noon, even at 1 p.m. there was still a massive line waiting by the Memorial Union Building to be picked up by Michigan Tech buses and driven to the park. Once there, a friendly bustle of people filled the gaps between club tables as music poured from the speakers near the MUB event table. Students scurried past, searching for friends and groups to join while juggling free stuff in their full hands.

On the far end of the field, hot dogs were being distributed to hungry event attendees right next to a table offering delicious jugs of root beer. An amiable chatter permeated the atmosphere and welcomed newcomers to the party. In front of the food stand was a volleyball net, and to the right was a large blow-up obstacle course, a favorite of many. Everywhere there were students lounging, talking and signing up for new clubs and groups.

“My favorite part of K-Day is seeing all the different things that people on campus are passionate about, just because there’s such a variety,” says Becca Hamel, a third-year geology major. “This year, I was interested in joining Film Board or even MUB!” Joining clubs and groups can provide a lot of benefits when it comes to the different events that those organizations host. For example, being a member of the Film Board means that students get to help decide what movies are shown. There is also the benefit of being able to bring up to four of your friends to see the movies for free. As K-Day came to an end, attendees were invited to attend a concert on the Walker lawn from 5-8 p.m.

Keweenaw Day is an annual event that allows students, new and old, to enjoy and explore their beautiful home in the Keweenaw as well as the endless opportunities Michigan Tech offers for students to get involved on and off campus. With everything ranging from fraternities and sororities to study abroad ventures and D&D clubs, there’s a lot to do at Tech. K-Day is a great time for new students to learn about the clubs and groups on campus and returning students to find a new club, or meet up with friends and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

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