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Wednesday, Sep. 13 marked the third week that the USG board held their weekly meeting for the 2023-24 school year. In it, President Mason Krause recounted his meeting with University President Koubek last week to discuss the master plans of Michigan Tech. With all of the new parking lots and buildings being built, there leaves no space for certain buildings, one being the CDI, or the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Available on the MTU website, the campus master plan lists new innovations and renovations to building structures and parking areas. The CDI is not currently in the master plan design specs, but the Vice President for Finance, Nick Stevens, indicated that the CDI will be moved to a “location very central to campus, such as the MUB or Alumni House.” The location has not been finalized yet so these are just potential points of interest. 

The CDI was not informed about where they would be moved to, but knew that the place would not exist in the near future. New innovations like the Center for Convergence and Innovation as well as addons to Fisher Hall, McNair Hall, and many others provide a more spacious and comfortable quality of life to Michigan Tech. 

Krause finished his remarks on the subject, and then proceeded to talk about the USG budget along with the new shuttle bus that is planning to be used campus-wide through the new parking lots. This shuttle bus will also have an app called MTU Tripshot. This app will not drop till October, but will be a helpful tool to aid students going to and from campus. Tripshot will provide real-time tracking of the shuttle, which helps with the issue of late buses in the wintertime.

Due to changes in the parking lots around campus, there is now a guaranteed parking permit being issued to both undergrad and grad students. The guaranteed parking lots will include lots 10, 5, and 34. There will also be a new lot 26 which is expected to be completed this fall.

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