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New off-campus housing to open August 2024

As the Michigan Tech student population continues to grow, there is an increasing need for more convenient housing options for students. In response, Houghton Off Campus Housing has begun construction on a new apartment. Set to open in August of 2024,the new apartment complex will be located next to what is currently known as Julien-Heights and Hillcrest Apartments on Upland Avenue near campus. 

With the addition of the new building, the current residence buildings will be renamed. The three buildings will be known as “The Elements” with the new building as E1, Julien-Heights as E2 and Hillcrest Apartments as E3. Aside from the name change, the E2 and E3 buildings will remain the same. However, tenants of “The Elements” will have access to a brand new outdoor patio, grilling stations, 24/7 fitness center, study lounge with private study rooms, social lounge, and a snack shop. Additionally, all tenants can apply to purchase parking passes on a first-come, first serve basis. Parking includes the standard parking already available as well as a heated garage with a self-serve car wash station, and covered parking. 

E1 will differ slightly from its sister apartments. Apartment options for this building will include a fully-furnished studio, one-bedroom, and four-bedroom apartments with individual leases. Additionally, some of the four-bedroom style options have cheaper shared bedroom leases available. All utilities will be included, with tenants only needing to pay for parking. Another convenience for students is the choice between a one-year (August to August) or nine-month (August to May) lease. Leases and pricing vary depending on apartment style and range from $750 – $1,450 per month per person. 

Apartment co-owners Jen and Jon Julien are very excited for the opening of this new cohesive community. When asked what they were most excited about in relation to the building opening, Jen Julien responded, “We are really excited for this to have these common spaces for all of our tenants to collide with each other and be able to hang out in spaces other than just in their apartment.” Jon Julien added, “Personally, I’m most excited for having the snack shop on site… You can get a dozen eggs or a jug of milk or a toothbrush at 10 o’clock at night.” 

Jen Julien also pointed out that a key feature that sets E1 apart from other off-campus housing options is  the location. She noted, “It’s surrounded by campus on all four sides. It’s very close to campus and it allows students to get back and forth from class very quickly.” Other key features that Jen mentioned were the new amenities included in the apartment complex, and the overall increased quality of the new building. 

In finishing the interview, both Jen and Jon Julien thanked all of their current tenants for their support. More information can be found on The Elements Houghton website or by contacting

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