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What is Canterbury House?

Do you know what they do in the yellow house across the highway from Michigan Tech’s campus? The Canterbury House is a cultural center open to anyone affiliated with Michigan Technological University. They specialize in tutoring international students and their spouses in conversational English, reading and writing. 

However, it’s more than just a tutoring program. “We really want students to have a place to study, feel comfortable and meet new people,” said Sydney Peterson, Canterbury House president. The open hours are Monday through Thursday from 10-4 p.m. During those hours the house is available to students and faculty alike. Wednesday dinners are a popular event, every week at 6 p.m. a new dish is served free of charge. With recipes being sourced from the international students, you can count on a diverse dining experience. Donations are accepted. 

“We painted it yellow to make it a little more welcoming,” said Peterson. She emphasized that  “Canterbury House is for everybody. We love everybody, no matter who they are.” The house is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, as part of a nationwide program. College campuses across the country play host to similar venues for service, discourse, and socialization. The Church is the main source of funding for the House and its programs, including Wednesday dinners and the food pantry among others. 

Canterbury House started their food pantry in 2020. Peterson explained that “We found that a lot of people in our area had a hard time accessing food around that time.” The House focuses on anonymity, as the on campus pantry is located in Fisher Hall next to the largest lecture halls, which might deter students from taking full advantage due to its public location. They have a system involving codenames and scheduled pickup times to respect users’ privacy. If you are experiencing food insecurity, explore the resources available to you across campus including Canterbury House. 

If you are interested in tutoring with the Canterbury House, there are two routes available to you. The Episcopal Church offers fellowships, with semesterly grants, for students that commit one to three hours per week of their time to helping run the house. The other option is volunteer based and does not require a set time commitment. 

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