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USG and GSG Unite in Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

On Jan. 17, the Michigan Tech Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate Student Government (GSG) gathered for their weekly general meeting. The representatives from both student bodies addressed the student community in a joint statement, highlighting the significance of campus culture and unity.

This joint statement opens with an emphasis on the student leader’s role in amplifying the voices of all students at Michigan Technological University. They acknowledged the university’s commitment to free speech and the supportive community that encourages open expression. However, they emphasized the need to balance this right with a responsibility to prevent the spread of hate or discrimination.

“As part of this community, it’s imperative to consider how we treat others and ensure it reflects the respect we would like in return. While we cherish and support the right to free speech, it is not a license for spreading hate or discrimination. Every member of our community, be it students, faculty, or staff, deserves respect and the security of an environment where they can feel comfortable expressing and being themselves.”

They went on to discuss the commitment of USG and GSG in fostering diversity and a sense of belonging here at MTU.

“Both USG and GSG are committed to nurturing a sense of belonging and community on our campus. We recognize diversity as a strength, and it is our responsibility as well as every student’s to cultivate and safeguard an atmosphere that recognizes the benefits of diverse perspectives coexisting on our campus. Our collective commitment is to ensure that every student feels supported, seen, and heard here at Michigan Tech regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, economic status, and other diverse backgrounds. Together, let’s take this semester to reflect, unite, and continue to foster a community we are proud to be a part of.”

As the new semester unfolds, the collaboration between USG and GSG aims to set the stage for a campus-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where every member feels valued and respected. 

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