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Summers in the Keweenaw

With the spring semester coming to a quick end, many students are trying to figure out their plans for the summer. Many students on campus believe that the best advice for students attending Michigan Tech is to spend at least one summer in Houghton. It gives a new kind of appreciation for the beauty of the Keweenaw when you can see it without a couple feet of snow. 

The opportunities for what you can do in the Keweenaw are pretty endless. Spending days down by the Portage, watching sunsets at Breakers, enjoying beach days at White City, jumping off cliffs at Canyon Falls, and hiking countless trails from Copper Harbor down to the Porcupine Mountains. Students around campus who spent last summer in Houghton were asked to share some of their favorite memories of the warmer months. 

Undergraduate student Liz Ament commented “Going down to Prince’s point to swim and walk the trails picking wild thimbleberries with my friends was a highlight of my summer.” Andrew Melichar also enjoyed the outdoors, recalling “I bought a sailboat and taught myself how to sail out on the portage.” The outdoor theme rings true once again in 5th year Josie Edick’s response, being “My favorite thing was going backpacking in the Porkies because I was able to unplug and fully immerse myself in the beauty of the UP.” 

While being able to play in the Copper Country is a great way for students to relax during the summer, there are also many opportunities for work. Sticking around for the summer can get expensive, so getting an on campus job can be a great way to make some extra cash. Being involved in student research, groundskeeping, or working at the MTU Summer Youth Program are just a few of the opportunities available on campus. As the semester ends and students graduate or leave for the summer, there are also various open positions at the different establishments around downtown Houghton and Hancock.

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