Back on campus and busy building for Carnival

Grace James

Over the past four weeks between the hours of 6 and 10 p.m. students in the Greek community put on their hats and waterproof boots to build snow statues for Winter Carnival. Members of Beta Sigma Theta fraternity and Delta Phi Epsilon sorority have paired together for the 2nd time to compete in sculpting the tastiest creation for the event. After receiving 3rd place in the co-ed division last year, they are preparing to go bigger and better this time around, says statue chairman Alex Beecham. “Both of our orgs have grown significantly in the past year, giving us a lot more manpower to work with”. 

The two Greek groups constructed their sculpture in the Beta Sigma Theta front yard, bringing together their sculpture one bucket of snow at a time. Each member was expected to work a minimum of 32 hours, 8 hours per week. Between academic obligations and on-campus extracurriculars, this may seem like a big time commitment. When asked about the workload, sorority member Liz Ament explained “It doesn’t really feel like work when you get to catch up with your friends and jam out to some music. After a long day of classes and homework, it’s a great break to get outside and stay active.” 

After just one week of creating snow forms, the group had stunningly completed almost half of the bulk work needed. Once the outline of the statue is completed, the remaining time was spent carving, slushing, and ironing out (literally) all the details. 

Obstacles and all, Beecham and the rest of the members of Beta Sigma Theta and Delta Phi Epsilon are excited to see how all their hard work pays off when building concludes on Feb. 9 after the All-Nighter of Winter Carnival.