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Celebrating Winter Carnival safely

As Michigan Tech students prepare for the festivities of the 101st Winter Carnival, Public Safety and the Dean of Students office is working hard to make sure the community can celebrate in the safest way possible. While this time is all about making memories, students must be aware of how to keep themselves and others safe. 

The biggest precautions taken during the Winter Carnival All-Nighter pertain to staying warm and monitoring substance consumption. To stay warm throughout the night, it is recommended that students dress in layers, as it is easier to take off more clothes if you overheat. The Blue Key Honor Society has a rule in place where you can not be outside on All-Nighter for more than two consecutive hours working on a statue without taking a break inside. If you need to warm up, Fisher lobby and the MUB commons will be open all night. 

To avoid incidents related to consumption, students should all know the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, and how to get help. Alcohol can give you a sense of feeling warmer than you really are, so play it safe and take frequent breaks from drinking. Public Safety encourages students to take advantage of the Good Samaritan Provision, where a student under the influence can seek out help for themselves or others without fear of being reprimanded. Public Safety and Police Services will be available all night to students on campus. Make sure those numbers are in your phone to call in case of an emergency. The number for Public Safety and Police Services is (906) 487-2216, and the number for Dial Help MTU is 906-487-1111.

Finally, because Winter Carnival is a large community-wide event that brings in many tourists, practicing personal responsibility and safety is crucial as well.

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