Ask the Dean: Winter Carnival

Ask the Dean is a weekly column by MTU’s Dean of Students, Dr. Wallace Southerland III, where students can submit questions for him to answer. To submit a question, email [email protected]

Q: “What Winter Carnival traditions are you most looking forward to?”


Dear Huskies,


Where has time gone? It’s already Carni time. This year’s Carni will be my second and I’m really excited about it. I am getting myself ready mentally. Since returning from winter break, Winter Carnival is one of the biggest university events I’ve been looking forward to.

Driving down College Avenue watching students work on their ice sculptures has been a beautiful site. Seeing students’ commitment to their winter craft during some of the coldest temperatures of the year has been inspiring.


As the vice president for student affairs and dean of students, I get a lot of “inside information” about Carni, so I’ve been planning my “to do” list for a while. Obviously, like most people, the ice sculpture tradition is high on my list, but that’s to be expected. I am really looking forward to the following traditions:


  1. Stage Revue. Tech students are not only brilliant, but they are also funny and creative. I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s talent.
  2. Horse-drawn Sleigh Ride. Mrs. Dean of Huskies will be at this year’s Carni as well and I would love to have a romantic sleigh ride with the Mrs.
  3. Torch-light Parade and Fireworks. Last year, I thought this was a beautiful event watching the torches snake their way down Mont Ripley followed by fireworks.
  4. Fun. I am looking forward to watching Huskies just have fun with each other and celebrate our winter achievements.


In closing, I will do what I did last year: walk around interacting with students, supporting as many events as I can, watching students dance the night away, enjoying pancakes, sampling hot chocolate and chili, watching Broomball series, and, of course, taking selfies with students.


This is the Year of Kindness at Tech. I want students to HuskyUP and “connect on a deeper level,” have fun, and make safe and healthy decisions.


With kindness and gratitude,

Dr. S.

VP and Dean of Huskies

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