MTU vs. Davenport University

Eric Goulet

On Friday, Sept. 9, the Michigan Tech women’s volleyball team faced off against Davenport University for the first game of this year’s Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC).

 Michigan Tech started strong but ultimately couldn’t close out the win, and lost with a score of 2 – 3, ending their streak of sweeps from the games prior. Overall, this weekend did not fare well for the MTU Women’s Volleyball Team, although they fought well and should be able to easily learn from this defeat. 

The end of the first period was drawn out with several minutes of back-and-forth and both teams going in and out of game points. When the period finally came to a close though, Michigan Tech had clinched the first period with a score of 28 – 26. 

During the second period, Tech began to create distance ahead of Davenport and ultimately won the period with a score of 25 – 13. This momentum was unfortunately short-lived. Davenport took a massive lead in the beginning of the period and held that lead through to the end, closing it out with a score of 15 – 25 and beginning their comeback. 

Michigan Tech tried to recover in the fourth period and managed to keep things tied up, with the score swaying constantly and both teams taking turns having a five-point lead. Ultimately though, Tech could not keep up with Davenport and lost the period 20 – 25, bringing the game into its fifth period and tying the game at 2 – 2. Davenport only continued to carry their momentum in the final period and closed out the game with a period score of 9 – 15, and an overall game score of 2 – 3. 

When asked what he thought the turning point of Friday’s game was, Head Coach Matt Jennings stated that things started to go wrong with “serve-receive in the third quarter and compounding mistakes … we have to be better in serve-receive and we have to do a better job of not compounding mistakes”. This may help the team to come back stronger in future games and make this season one to remember for Husky fans.