MTU vs. Grand Valley State University

Nick Bergstrom

The Michigan Tech Huskies faced Grand Valley State’s Lakers on Saturday, Sept. 10. As the game played out, the Huskies took an early lead in round one, but the Lakers struck back to take all three rounds, and in turn the entire match. 

Number 13 Morgan Radtke led the Huskies with nine kills, while number nine Meg Raabe added eight more. In the third and final round, Morgan Radtke managed to score a kill and tie the match 24-24. 

However, the Huskies were quickly stopped by two back-to-back block points. The game finished 3-0 Saturday, with the Lakers winning each round with 25-22, 25-13, and 26-24 respectively. 

After the game, head coach for the Huskies Matt Jennings gave an interview about his thoughts about the game. 

Jennings expresses his overall praise of the team, saying that the team had “A better effort than last night,” referring to the game with Davenport the day prior. 

Jennings continues, stating “I thought Olivia came in and did a really nice job in her first start,” and “Janie is doing a great job. I don’t know how much more we can ask of her. She’s leading this team the best way that she can with a great attitude and hard work.”

Jennings closes out the interview about the match by stating that the team has great talent and that “We make young mistakes in some areas and we need to continue to come together as a group.”