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Ask the Dean: Lewd special satirical article: What does it mean to connect on a deeper level?

Ask Dean questions and Dean answers. 


Question: What does it mean to connect on a deeper level?

“Connecting on a deeper level” means doing that thing that you should do instead of that other thing that you probably wanna do that could possibly lead to a lot of regret later in life. More importantly, it means getting to know someone in meaningful ways as a way of bonding. Either way, it means earning trust and respect first. In Asgard, we all connect on a deeper level first. It’s the classy thing to do, and we have so much more respect for each other when that happens. Burp! This one time, I tried to skip the deeper level part and Mjollnir almost took my head off!


“Connecting on a deeper level” means being with each other instead of around each other. It means talking, laughing, and twinkling your toes in the warm sands of Prince’s Point. It means dancing under the northern lights or howling around a bonfire. It means enjoying those meat pies you call pasties. And it means doing all that crap nobody likes, but it’s still important to the other person.

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