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Lewd special satirical article: Dean thots: Dean?

In light of the recent revelations of the Dean’s beauty routine, the new additions to the Dean’s Club, and the possible 1922 spotting of the Dean, we went around campus to ask students: “Dean?” Here is what they had to say:








—Dean Winchester


“No Dean.”






—Snack Thief 


“The Dean exists all around us. The Dean can be found in every sunset. The Dean can be found in every star. I am the Dean. You are the Dean. The universe is just the Dean experiencing the Dean.”






—Dean Thomas


“I’ve actually been trying to get in touch with my inner Deanself lately. I was a dean in my past life, you know.”







—Dean Dean of Dean College


“Dean? I haven’t heard that name in years.”









“Maybe the real intimate encounters were the friends we made along the way.”







—PretzelLover69 via Twitter


“They always say #HuskyUP, never #Whatsup? I’m actually doing pretty well for myself. I just landed a job, and am proposing to my partner tonight. But no one ever thinks to ask. I just wish someone would. It’s good to know that people care.”








—Wallace Northerland

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