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This week at USG

This week at USG, multiple visitors attended the general body meeting. During his report, Dr. Southerland recommended that all representatives invite their constituents to attend the upcoming University Senate meeting in which the Senate will vote on Fall Break. This meeting will occur next Wednesday, April 20 in DOW 642 at 5:30 p.m. 

Treasurer Emily Ruf gave a presentation to the body on where the funding available to USG comes from as well as what exactly USG is able to fund. The opportunity fund is allocated to USG from the student activity fee, $60 from each undergraduate student and $50 from each graduate student. This fund can be used for any student organizations’ surprise expenses. Organizations can only receive financial assistance from this fund once per fiscal year. Any money left over in the opportunity fund at the end of the year is transferred to the reserve fund. The reserve fund can be used by student groups to replace equipment or for capital expenditure. 

Multiple funding requests were voted on during the course of this meeting. Emma Berends and Conor McKiernan from the Ridge Roamers club attended the meeting in order to answer any questions body members had during the voting process. Ridge Roamers was allocated $18,000 of their requested $21,948 from the USG Reserve Fund in order to finance the acquisition of a kilter board. The Sailing Club was also allocated $2,900 from the USG Reserve Fund in order to finance the acquisition of three new masts. These masts will be replacing three which had been accidentally destroyed over the winter. The Keweenaw Youth for Climate Action group was awarded $651 from the USG Opportunity Fund to help sponsor commissions and cover other associated expenses for their upcoming Earth Week Arts and Music Festival. 

Sarah Woodruff from the Center for Student Mental Health and Well-Being gave a presentation on the different services the center provides, such as counseling, referrals, and Husky Hour. 

Zachary Olson was elected President Emeritus, a position which will allow him to continue his work with USG in an advisory capacity. Ethan Gerds was elected Fourth Year Representative. 

If you have any questions or concerns for USG please email USG President Cheyenne Scott at or fill out the form on their website.

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