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University Senate

On April 6, 15 new proposals were introduced at the University Senate meeting, with 12 current proposals discussed.

There was considerable debate on Proposal 50-22, which advocates for an October recess. No consensus was reached at the time.

Dr. Timothy Scarlett introduced Proposal 14-22, which passed. This proposal stated that no examinations will be given and no large assignments made due on Election Day. 

Proposal 15-22 addresses timing of sabbatical applications. The recommended target date for sabbatical leave proposals for faculty would be moved from March 15 to Dec 1. It also noted in the proposal that sabbatical applications presented after Dec.1 are likely to not be approved. The proposal passed.

Discussion about Proposal 19-22 raised concern that even when students complete course evaluations, there is no given feedback from the professors on how improvements can be made to the course instruction. Scarlett said that providing feedback on student course evaluations is something the board could consider. There was agreement that the university would be liable for responding effectively to student evaluations. USG Representative Davi Sprague suggested individual solicited feedback, saying “I had a professor who [did this]. It was very beneficial for how assignments were done because there was an adaptation to better fit the needs of the students.”

The next proposal, 31-22, converted the Ad hoc committee on Textbook Accessibility and Affordability to a standing committee. 

Meeting minutes for this meeting and links to proposals can be found at


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