Righting the Record

Maddie Steger, Editor in Chief

Last week The Lode published an article titled, “Does the MUB Board Receive Special Treatment?” and there are come corrections we would like to make.

In the first paragraph it reads, “…it is required the SBGs publish how their budget is spent, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case for MUB Board.” While it is true that budgets for SBG’s should be published on their Involvement Link, MUB Board has stated that they did publish their budget on March 9, 2018. However, it was made private and only members of MUB Board could see it. It has since been made public to everyone.

In the fifth paragraph, it was claimed that MUB Board and USG are affiliated through K-Day. MUB Board and USG are affiliated with each other, but only in the sense that USG hands out the budget to all student organizations and SBGs.

In the sixth paragraph it states that MUB Board and USG have some overlapping members. As of now, there are no overlapping members.
Jessie Stapleton’s name was also incorrectly spelled.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please direct them to [email protected]