Graduate School Awards Spring 2019 Finishing Fellowships

Edzordzi Agobozo, Lode Writer

Michigan Tech Graduate School has named the recipients of the Spring 2019 Finishing Fellowship awards. This semester’s’ fellows are David Rosen (Biomedical Engineering), Lukai Zhai (Biological Sciences), Rupsa Basu (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Maria Paula Kwesiga (Biomedical Engineering), Anindya Majumdar (Biomedical Engineering), David Rosen (Biomedical Engineering), Simeon Schum (Chemistry), Azad Heidari (Civil Engineering), and Robert Zupko (Computational Science and Engineering).

The others are Sakineh Yazdanparast (Electrical Engineering), Mayra Sanchez Morgan (Environmental and Energy Policy), Stefan Hupperts (Forest Science), Daniel Trepal (Industrial Heritage and Archaeology), Kevin Phillips (Integrative Physiology; also received the Nicholas Matwiyoff and Carl Hogberg Graduate Finishing Fellowship Fund), Xin He (Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics), Saeed Jafari Kang (Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics), Xian Li (Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics), Niranjan Miganakallu Narasimhamurthy (Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics), Zhuyong Yang (Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics), Binita Hona (Physics) and Jinlin Zhang (Physics).

Commenting on the award, Zupko, a recipient, said “I am extremely grateful to Dr. Mark Rouleau, in the Department of Social Sciences, and the Michigan Tech Graduate School for the opportunity to pursue this research. Likewise, I am humbled by the Finishing Fellowship which will allow the opportunity to dedicate my time solely to completing my doctoral studies.”
Rosen, another awardee, also remarked, “It has been a privilege to study and work on research at MTU and I am excited to see how the skills and knowledge I have developed during my time here will impact my career and my field.”

While some awardees are happy about the award, others praised the university at large for it’s conducive and supportive environment that enabled academic and social life to strive even in the most challenging of conditions. According to He, “Tech has great resources to support one on both researching and surviving in the extreme weather. Gradually, snowboarding has become my primary after-work activity throughout the year since the winter session lasts so long. Tech is always my family, being here feels like home.”

Another recipient, Sakineh Yazdanparast also remarked “MTU for me is so much more than a university; it is a community that I truly feel a part of, a family and a real home, especially for international students. I feel so proud to be an MTU student.”

According to Michigan Tech’s Graduate School, the Finishing Fellowships aims at assisting PhD candidates nearing the completion of their studies usually during the final semesters of research. Funding for the fellowship comes from donation by some alumni and friends of the University as a recognition of outstanding PhD candidates who need of financial assistance in order to complete their degrees in reasonable time. Each year, the Graduate School funds up to ten fellowships with awards between $2000 and full support (stipend + tuition). Award winners may relinquish other job commitments such as Graduate Teaching Assistantship or Graduate Research Assistantship during their tenure as fellows.