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February 1, 2019

The Nice List

A tribute to warm Yooper culture To Professor Miskioglu This one goes out to my long-suffering Statics professor, Ibrahim Miskioglu. Even after countless visits to

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A quick history on Broomball

When one thinks of Michigan Tech’s annual Winter Carnival, “broomball” often comes to mind as one of the most favorited winter traditions among students and

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The UnLODEing Zone

A place for the editors to unload.  I have to admit, it’s been on my bucket list to be at Michigan Tech (or at least

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My airplane horror story

Flying is a hit or miss sometimes, especially if you are traveling internationally. Sometimes you have a smooth flight, great movies or maybe even make

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Morals versus ethics

I was having an interesting chat with my father about ethicality and legality. He was of the opinion that not every ethical action can be

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