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A place for the editors to unload. 

I have to admit, it’s been on my bucket list to be at Michigan Tech (or at least in Houghton) for a snow day, which is an impressive storm to endure. I was actually a little disappointed that I wasn’t in the city during the floods of the summer because A) I am forever amazed by the wonders of nature and B) there was a massive pit until mid December that cut off the easiest route to my house that must have opened up during the flood, and at least if I’m going to be inconvenienced by the flooding I should have gotten to see it.

I’m not super upset about that though because by the time I did arrive in August we were still having those ridiculously intense rainstorms and we found out that the front porch of my house leaks and was totally flooded by water. Also we learned that powerful enough winds can blow open our front door, which is as exciting as it is terrifying.

In the meantime what I’m learning is that negative degrees outside is equal to negative degrees inside when you have a three-seasons sun porch on the backside of your house. I let my dog outside and got some snow on my hand, wiped it off and shut the door, but my back door is metal (or something like it) and I realized that my hand, in the .3 seconds it had been stuck to the door, was attached to the door. I had to pry my fingers off before I got too stuck, and honestly? It hurt! Not a lot, but geez at least enough that I’m still talking about it.

I can’t walk on my back porch barefoot for fear of getting frostbite. Also, we can’t keep our daily shoes in there because the snow, get this, never melts. I mean to tell you that I put my shoes on and they crunch because there’s ice in the shoelaces. The fun thing is that that has started happening to the shoes that we keep in our walkway INSIDE the house as well. Very exciting stuff.