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To Professor Miskioglu

This one goes out to my long-suffering Statics professor, Ibrahim Miskioglu. Even after countless visits to his office for things that I probably should have been able to figure out on my own, he continued to help me out.

Whether it was test questions I got wrong or homework problems I couldn’t solve, I was at his office hours all the time. On occasion, he even agreed to give me points back on a test and forgive a late homework from when I was on a school trip.

He was there to help me through the most difficult homework problems when I missed hours at the Engineering Learning Center, which also deserves a thank you.

So thank you, Professor Miskioglu, for being so understanding and helping me with my questions, which always seemed silly in hindsight.

And thank you, tutors at the Engineering Learning Center, for being so smart, insightful and helpful. I couldn’t have passed Statics without you both.



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