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Face Shields: Are They as Effective as We’d Like to Think?

Grace Parsekian, Tech Editor

October 22, 2020

As the pandemic has taken its toll on society, masks have become integrated into our daily lives. Masks with various patterns and even rhinestones have become popularized to add another level to your outfit and provide a littl...

Loitering in the Atmosphere: Wildfire Aerosols Linger Longer Than Expected

Kelley Christensen, Michigan Tech News

October 1, 2020

Light-absorbing brown carbon aerosols, emitted by wildfires, remain longer in the atmosphere than expected, which could have implications for climate predictions. Rising 2,225 meters into the air on an island in the Azores arch...

The Secret Strength of Gnashing Teeth

Allison Mills, Michigan Tech News

October 1, 2020

There’s a method to modeling cracking in brittle materials. The strength of teeth is told on the scale of millimeters. Porcelain smiles are kind of like ceramics — except that while china plates shatter when smashed again...