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Finals are approaching: improve your studying with these tips

As the end of the semester draws near, Michigan Tech students are preparing for the upcoming finals week. With stress levels rising, it’s essential for students to use effective study strategies to excel in their exams.

According to scientific research from the State University of New York at Albany, there are several proven methods to help students prepare for finals. First and most importantly, students are advised to avoid cramming and instead opt for studying in intervals. This method, typically involving 20-50 minute study sessions with short breaks in between, has been shown to significantly enhance long-term information retention. 

Experts also recommend diversifying study environments to enhance retention, suggesting students alternate between the library, study rooms, and quiet coffee houses. This strategy helps to create subtle associations between the material and surroundings, aiding in memory recall during exams. Effective time management during finals week is crucial to avoid last-minute cramming, which can cause increased anxiety and decreased performance. 

Taking care of your physical well-being before finals is just as important as mastering studying techniques. Having a consistent sleep schedule is crucial for optimal cognitive function and memory retention. However, physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet are also crucial if you want to be on your A-game when finals come around. Incorporating as little as 20 minutes of daily physical activity can boost memory and reduce stress, while a balanced diet filled with superfoods and antioxidants provides the energy and focus necessary for successful studying.

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