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Empowering Student success: MTU Learning Centers

As we venture deeper into the second half of the semester, the looming presence of exams becomes increasingly apparent. Fortunately, they don’t have to be as intimidating as they may initially appear. MTU offers a solution through its diverse range of 15 learning centers, providing valuable support to navigate the challenges of exam preparation. Learning centers are available for a large variety of disciplines, majors, and for help in specific classes. Students may know about the math or chemistry learning centers, but there are also learning centers for curriculum in computing, business, and more. These learning centers are not only for students who are struggling, but also for students who may only have one question. Many of these learning centers also offer individual tutoring.

 An anonymous 3rd year mechanical engineering student said, “When I took calculus 2 as a freshman, I was on the border of failing the class, until I started visiting the Math Learning Center (MLC), and after visiting the MLC my exam grade went from a 60% to a 90%.”  Additionally, third-year chemical engineering student, Brandon Mitchell, had this to say about his experience, “When I was a first year, I often went to the chemistry learning center for organic chemistry. Going to this was very key to my success in the class that I later decided to become an SI leader for organic chemistry” According to the CLC themselves, “Students who participate in the CLC usually earn one-half to one full letter grade higher than students who don’t.” Overall, this resource is extremely helpful for students, and it is important to know what tools are available for help in classes. For more information on MTU’s learning centers, visit

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