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Ball Drop kicks off Broomball Season

Over one hundred students surrounded the Gold Rink on the evening of Jan. 16th to witness the annual Broomball Ball Drop ceremony. 

The ball drop has become a tradition at MTU, signaling the start of a new broomball season. Two of the best teams from the previous year face off, making this event a great introduction to the sport. This year’s ball drop featured the Frosted Flakes and the Trash Pandas from McNair’s “Maiers” Conference. 

Before the game, the Huskies Pep Band was in attendance and played some of their classic songs and cheers. Adding to the pre-game celebration, the Dean of Students, Kellie Raffaelli, made a speech addressing the importance of broomball at Michigan Tech. 

“Broomball is one of the best traditions at Michigan Tech, not just because of the competition, the goals, the victories, but because Broomball brings so many people together and creates memories, friendships, and rivalries that will bond you with other Huskies for a lifetime,” said Raffaelli. “So, Huskies, break out those broomsticks, leave your blades at home, and sweep your opponents!” 

At 5:15 p.m. both teams took to the ice. Blizzard T. Husky made a special appearance and dropped the ball, officially commencing the 2024 Broomball season. The Frosted Flakes took the lead in the first half with one goal. They went on to score one more goal in the second half, defeating the Trash Pandas 2-0 in their first game of the season. 

For more information about broomball and upcoming games, check out the IRHC Broomball website at

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