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Down to the Wire: Bulldogs Triumph in Heart-Pounding Basketball Game with a 69-68 Score

On Thursday, Jan. 11, the Michigan Tech Huskies men’s basketball team faced the 12th nationally ranked Ferris State Bulldogs at home. The entirety of the game was nail-bitingly close, providing both teams a challenging game. By the end of the first period, the game was tied 32-32 with no large score swings in either direction. The game stayed very close up until its final moments. In the last seconds of the game, the Huskies were up two points, 68-66 and had possession. All the Huskies needed to do to take home the win was to hold onto the ball and let the clock run out. However, the Huskies lost possession of the ball in the final moments and the Bulldogs scored a layup and then made a free throw to lead the score and win the game. When asked about the Huskies performance that night, the second highest scorer, Dan Gherezgher said, “Unfortunately we made a mistake on the last play and that cost us the game, but nonetheless we fought hard and played our best.” The team kept their heads up as they had another game to play the following Saturday. Gherezgher also said “We gotta just forget about it and be ready for this weekend.”

With a 68-66 lead in the last seconds, a critical mistake cost the Huskies the game. Despite the heartbreaking loss, second-highest scorer Dan Gherezgher praised the team’s resilience and unwavering effort throughout the fiercely contested match.

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