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Sammy Sez

Q: I’m really scared for my upcoming final exams, do you have any suggestions for me to feel more confident?

A: Of course the best suggestion is to study beforehand to feel prepared for your exams. It’s also important to take breaks between sessions to eat, socialize, and just get away from all the information for short periods of time. In classes that I am struggling with, I often go to the professor’s office hours to get one-on-one help. 


Q: The snow is coming in, and I’m from the Southern US. Is there anything I should know before it all gets here?

A: Since you’re a Southerner, I’m sure you’re at least a little nervous about driving in the snow– remember this: just drive like you have grandma in the back seat holding a platter full of unsecured sweet tea cups, it’ll help you to not lose traction. If driving is not necessary, consider other modes of transportation– snowshoes are both useful and fun. Invest in a scarf and a good set of gloves, they’ll keep you much warmer than you would expect. After two months, you will get completely comfortable in the snow!


Q: Can you give me some holiday gift ideas for my parents?

A: Every parent is different, but I suggest getting your parents something that coincides with their interests. I often get both my parents sweets, my dad Bronco stuff because he likes Broncos, and my mom items that make organizing easier because she likes staying organized. A good fall-back for gifts is always gift cards to stores that you know they enjoy. They also like hand-written cards that show love and effort.

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