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Men’s Hockey: MTU vs. Ferris State

Michigan Technological University lost their first game and won their second the weekend of Nov. 17 and 18 against Ferris State University. The Friday game ended 2-3 with the Saturday game ending 3-2. Both games were played at Michigan Tech in the John J. Macinnes Student Ice Arena. The results of these two games increased Michigan Tech’s record this season to 4-6-3 overall and 2-2-0 in the CCHA. 

During Friday’s game, Michigan Tech scored the first goal, followed by a goal from Ferris State during the first period. In the second period, Ferris State made their second goal, during a power play, followed up by a goal from Michigan Tech to tie the game. Both teams did not score during the third period, despite Michigan Tech’s offense hammering Ferris State’s defense with eight shots on goal to their two. 

Throughout the game, Michigan Tech had an incredible, 50-plus shots on goal. “I think their goaltender played really well. We had a lot of point-blank shots, we hit him in the gut a lot, but I think he made some good saves,” Head Coach Joe Shawhan said in an aftergame interview. Ferris State went on to score in overtime after a three-on-one play against the Michigan Tech defense to win the game. 

On Saturday, Ferris came out swinging with a first-period goal. Michigan Tech held strong with an aggressive show by the offense when Logan Pietila had a breakaway goal in the second period to tie the game. Michigan Tech then scored another goal with an impressive play by Tyrone Bronte, assisted by Blais Richartz. Ferris State then came back to score one last goal at the tail end of the second period. During the third period, Michigan Tech scored a final goal which gave them the win against Ferris State. In a post-game interview, Michigan Tech player, Marcus Pedersen, explained, “I think we have a really good group, we can grow a lot, we have really good players and a lot of potential. So if we just keep building, we are going to look really good next week too.”

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