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Sammy Sez Q’s

Q: I’m sick of dining hall food, do you have any ideas for easy dorm meals?

A: Of course there’s always the fallback of Cup Noodles or other Ramen. Walmart and Jim’s have diverse selections of microwaveable noodle meals, so I suggest looking into those for a bit of diversity in your diet. 

Q: How can I avoid burnout and impostor syndrome? How do I stay sane this exam season?

A: Honestly, fake it ‘til you make it! It’s completely normal for students, especially ones in difficult majors, to feel like they aren’t doing well enough in school or in other activities. It is unreasonable to expect that someone new to something will automatically be good at it and know everything– keep this in mind!

Q: How do I balance every aspect of college life — online school, extracurriculars and a social life?

A: Balancing school and extracurriculars while still having a social life can be a challenge. I suggest utilizing Google Calendar to block out classes and activities, planning your study/homework periods beforehand, and giving yourself breaks. I find it helpful to sit down and plan out the upcoming week on Sundays. You also need to remember to take time for yourself, whether that be watching an episode of TV every evening or leaving a student org that is too much to handle with your existing schedule. Ultimately, college is a time to find yourself while learning and having fun, so enjoy it!


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