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The weekly USG meeting

The USG held its weekly meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 1 and discussed the results from the commuter lounge survey, construction updates, among other things. The commuter lounge survey results showed that commuters wanted a lounge that’s accessible with a HuskyCard. The survey also showed that the microwave in the library didn’t satisfy student demand. Along with this, some students wanted new spaces for commuters to become part of the Campus Master Plan. Lot 26 is scheduled to be finished this month, however it will not be paved in time for winter. Walls are being built for the new East Hall residence building off-site and will be brought to the construction site in spring. 

The USG will vote to review the Women’s Soccer Club at their next meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 8. This review is due to the club not submitting an inventory of their locker in the Body Barn, which is where student organizations store equipment and other materials. Multiple attempts have been made to contact the Soccer Club by USG, however they have yet to respond. Cole Pierucki, USG Representative for the College of Sciences and Arts and Chair of the Events Committee, said, “They’re an org that I’ve communicated with in the past and they got back to me, so I don’t know why they’re not right now.” It is possible for the USG to evict the club following the review process. 

Ticket sales for the Wisconsin/Chicago break bus were also discussed. There were 37 tickets remaining at the time of the meeting. Pierucki said, “The ticket sales process has not been as good as I’ve hoped.” He hopes they’ll be able to better promote the bus with table tents, posters, and posts on social media. The deadline to purchase tickets is on Monday, Nov. 13 at 5 p.m.

Danielle Meirow, Director of Student Leadership and Involvement, recapped Make a Difference Day and talked about the Peer Awareness for Well-being and Support (P.A.W.S.) program. Meirow said there were 501 participants in Make a Difference Day this year, which is 53 more than last year. Students volunteered at 60 different sites. The P.A.W.S. program lets students nominate themselves or someone else who is interested in mental health awareness. Nominees can attend training sessions to learn how to identify signs of a mental health crisis, how to support your peers, and other skills to promote mental health and well-being.

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