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41 North Film Festival Hosted at Michigan Tech

This weekend, the Rozsa Center hosted the 41 North Film Festival, showing many projects such as “Asteroid City” as well as exclusive early peeks into films like “Time Bomb Y2K. The film festival was held in the Rozsa from Thursday to Sunday. A variety of projects were shown to honor the medium and celebrate many of the great projects that have been made in recent years. Among the films shown were“Marcel the Shell with Shoes on,” “Pi,” and “32 Sounds.” After certain showings there were also panels to ask questions to those who worked on the film. There were other events hosted alongside the films such as live music performances following the showing of “Elephant 6 Recording Co,” and a stop-motion workshop with Ian Raymond, a professor of photography. 

Dr. Erin Smith, director and organizer of the 41 North Film Festival, was approached prior to the start of the event and asked about the significance of the event and what she was looking forward to, “It really makes a big difference to watch a film with other people, and opportunities like these can help us find new ideas since we usually only connect to things we already know or enjoy. I personally think Elephant no. 06 is going to be very fun both to watch and what is held after.” Dr. Smith devotes a lot of time each year in preparation for the 41 North Film Festival. If you wish to see the full list of films shown at this year’s film festival you can visit the 41 North Film Festival’s website at, which has this and previous year’s catalogs of film names and their summaries.

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