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Finding Jobs In Science

Career Fair was held on Tuesday, Sep. 18. Unfortunately, Career Fair is not great at having companies for many of the science majors. Majors like biology and chemistry only had around 10 booths advertised for them. The majority of science majors have to look into alternative avenues for finding opportunities in their field. Most job searching is done online through hiring websites such as handshake or through advisors in biology who send out job opportunities they hear about to the students. Many students in science will choose to work with a professor on campus since it is a very simple way to get experience in the field. 

Students with majors in pre-heath, nursing and medical laboratory science are very underrepresented at career fairs. When looking for jobs in the medical field, many students will end up having to look on their own. Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) student Ella Kunitzer explained, “For anyone planning to go into the MLS field, the practicum is the best way to gain connections to help in getting a job.” They elaborated on this by saying that the pre-med/pre-health advisor will help provide students with information on how to find jobs, but most of the searching is done individually. 

Instead of getting a job immediately, many pre-health students choose to take the MCAT so they can go to medical school. Kunitzer said that to prepare for the MCAT, people must craft their schedule to accommodate MCAT learning. Kunitzer went on to say, “The school has very few MCAT prep opportunities. The one that helped me get an idea of what I was getting into was actually a student-led program done outside of regular class hours. My pre-med advisor was incredibly helpful in directing me to resources to assist me in studying, but the majority of my studying was done on my own.” If students are thinking of taking the MCAT they should know that the only nearby Pearson testing center is located in Marquette. 

If students are a forestry, ecology, wildlife and conservation or natural resource management major there is a natural resources career fair. The natural resource career fair takes place in mid-November and is hosted in the Forestry Building. They also have a page online at, which provides job listings for many of these majors.

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  1. It might be noted that, since heraldry is just as much a science as biology and chemistry, the field should be as represented at the career fair as they are. A student wanting to find a job in science might want to find a job related to heraldry.

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