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Michigan Tech’s Cardboard Boat Races

Michigan Tech’s Homecoming is set to make a splash this year with its much anticipated Cardboard Boat Race. In this event, student organizations, Greek life, and dorm communities will construct their cardboard vessels and compete against each other as they race across the water. The races will begin at 4 p.m. on Friday, Sep. 29, and will take place at the Houghton Waterfront Park. There will be a free shuttle that will depart from the MUB and SDC, and take students to and from the Houghton Waterfront Park. 

The rules of the race are simple yet challenging: students must design and construct boats entirely out of cardboard and duct tape. These fragile vessels are then put to the ultimate test as participants race them across the waters of the Portage Canal. Each team has their own unique design and strategy, as they all strive to make it to the buoy and back. However, more often than not, the cardboard boats are doomed to sink into the icy waters of the Portage, along with the crews of unfortunate students. 

This thrilling event is not just about testing the waters – it’s about putting innovation and creativity to the test in a fun and unique way. It’s about learning through experience, pushing boundaries, and having a great time doing it. Spectators can expect laughter, cheers, and definitely a few capsized cardboard vessels. When asking a cardboard boat builder about his experience, Greg Ruedisueli said “I’ll probably capsize again this year, and the year after, but I’ll always have a blast.” 

Whether you’re a student, an alumnus, or a local resident, this event will truly be a memorable day of creativity and fun. To learn more about this upcoming Cardboard Boat Race, please visit: 

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