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Houghton-Hancock Parade of Nations 2023 success

On the morning of Saturday, Sep. 16th, the streets of downtown Houghton and Hancock saw the annual Parade of Nations. Members of the local community lined the streets to watch the parade and taste the food served afterward. Michigan Tech students, faculty, and community members showed the Keweenaw a glimpse of their heritage, and a few school spirit related student organizations participated as well. The parade lasted about 45 minutes and showcased the diversity of the community here. 

For many students, the Parade of Nations is an opportunity to see new cultures and appreciate cultural diversity. After the parade, Dee Stadium hosted a wide array of cultural dishes for people to try. This event has typically been an excellent way for people to connect with cultures they may have never known about before. When asked her thoughts on what Parade of Nations means to the community, Mayli Hurin, a third-year student at Tech, said “It helps to show the wide diversity that we have in the Keweenaw community, and it helps to create more unity. There are so many groups of people here, and it creates a unique blend of culture.” Many students and community members came out to support and participate in this event, showing an abundance of support for the various cultural communities in the area. 

As the community transitions into another work week, the echoes of celebrated diversity remain in the form of the global flags hung from light posts around Houghton and Hancock. The 2023 Parade of Nations was a successful event, and set diversity in a positive light for the community moving forward.

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