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Parking changes at Michigan Tech

Various construction will open new parking for students while also closing some old parking this year. Temporary Lot 10, which has 235 parking spaces, will be closed later this semester in order to build an additional residence hall. Lot 26, which is expected to have 342 parking spaces, is planned to finish construction sometime this semester and will be available to people with Commuter permits. Temporary Lot 10 is currently reserved for people with the Guaranteed Commuter permit until construction is finished on Lot 26. Once Lot 26 is complete, those who parked in Temporary Lot 10 will park in Lot 10, which is currently called Temporary Lot 26. Lot 10 will have 172 parking spaces while the new residence hall is being constructed. 

Lot 26, which is north of Lot 21, will also be added to the stops that the shuttle bus makes once construction is finished. Adding a shuttle stop here will help connect campus more and make traveling to these parking lots easier for students. When asked about when Lot 26 might be finished, Tony Abe from Transportation Services said, “We’re hoping for November.” Abe also said, “A big misconception is that we oversell our Commuter parking permits.” He said that often Lot 24 does not reach 50 percent capacity and that the shuttle from the SDC to campus helps make travel easier for students who park there. Currently the school’s shuttle services operate around campus, Houghton, and recently Hancock. Shuttle services started operating in Hancock last January. The shuttle services are free to both students and staff of MTU. 

The future residence hall east of the Rozsa Center is expected to accommodate around 500 people. The new residence hall is being built in order to provide more on-campus housing options, particularly for early undergraduate students. The construction of the new residence hall is part of the Campus Master Plan. The plan is supposed to guide the school’s development through 2035 in order to support a growing student population and to expand what the university is able to offer through new classrooms and laboratories. The not-yet-finished H-STEM Complex connected to the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building is part of the school’s new master plan. Additional questions regarding transportation and parking can be directed to Transportation Services by calling 906-487-1441 or by visiting their desk in the Administration Building.

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