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Big changes to Campus Cafe

With students returning to Michigan Tech for the Fall 2023 semester, many returning on-campus students have noticed a significant overhaul to the Campus Cafe menu, now under the name Ghost Kitchen, with the ever-so-popular Bull Rider and Cafe Melt removed from it. These menu changes came after a switch in food vendors which saw many different food items either being replaced or completely removed. However, according to a dining hall worker, who would like to remain anonymous, “we are looking to get back some of the old vendors which could result in some removed items making a return throughout the semester.” According to this source, the highly favored Cafe Melt “could be coming back as soon as this past weekend.” 

Although we are only in week one of the Fall semester, student feedback of these changes has been very mixed. Many have made comments regarding the newer décor of the dining areas as being a substantial improvement over the aesthetic of previous years. However, as far as the menu changes go, many students are indifferent to the new options and changes. When asked about the Campus Cafe, second-year Mechanical Engineering student Brett Stubleski commented, “I am not too pleased with the lack of menu options” and that “it feels a lot like a subway”. With all the changes made to on campus dining this semester, student feedback has been varied with many in favor of the new dining hall food and much less so with the state of the new Cafe.

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