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MUB hosts Lego Build-off

On Saturday April 8, the Memorial Union Building Board (MUB Board) hosted an event  for all students to compete against each other in a small-scale Lego building competition. The  idea behind the event was to give students a way to relax after exams and have some fun building  in small groups.  

The Lego Build-off was free to participate in, and the winning teams each received their own Lego set as a prize. Teams were given ninety minutes to construct their Lego  masterpieces in teams of three to five. After the time was up, the team members began voting on which masterpieces were the best. Once the voting was complete, a winner was crowned.  

Students were encouraged to express their more artistic skills in the competition, and to  source their ideas collectively to make full use of their given 800-piece build sets. Some students  expressed disappointment in not quite receiving all the pieces they would have needed to build  what they imagined, but nonetheless created their pieces by the call of time. 

Examining the created pieces, they were a far cry from the Lego sets and builds that Michigan Tech’s own Dean Dr. Livesay has demonstrated in his office and at past events such as  the Maker Fest weeks prior. In their own way, the creations exemplified the student’s creativity and ingenuity as each team carefully combed through each box of parts looking for what would fit.  

The MUB Board is looking to hold a similar competition again next semester, with the  hope of a similar or larger engagement with students on campus and those interested. A few  students from the College of Computing expressed interest in seeing Dr. Livesay in attendance at  the next event and hopefully as a judge. 

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