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Nominate your peers for the 29th annual Student Leadership Awards

The time has come for students to nominate their peers for the 29th Annual Student Leadership Awards. The nominations for certain awards are due by noon on March 3rd, while the rest are due by noon on March 17th. 

The Student Leadership Awards is an annual event that honors and recognizes outstanding student leaders who have made a positive impact on their campus community. Students are invited to nominate their peers for a variety of awards that recognize qualities such as leadership, bravery, kindness, and civic engagement. The awards ceremony is typically held in the spring, and offers an opportunity for students to celebrate the achievements of their fellow classmates. 

The 29th Annual Student Leadership Awards celebration will take place on Friday, April 14th at 6:00 PM. Nominators will be invited to attend the ceremony, which will recognize and honor the recipients of the awards. 

It is important for students to nominate their peers who they feel exemplify the qualities of each award. The Student Leadership Awards leaves these decisions up to the students, letting them decide on who will receive each one. 

Emma Coenen, the previous recipient of the President’s Award for Leadership, was recognized for her hard work and dedication to academics, the Army ROTC program, and volunteering. Major Daniel Gwosch, her nominator for this award, stated “that she has the highest qualities and attributes that the army seeks in its future leaders.” 

If you are looking to nominate someone, the website provides this information: “Please visit the Student Leadership Awards website to read the award descriptions, review the requirements of each award, and access the nomination forms.” 

The deadline for nominations for certain awards is quickly approaching, so students are encouraged to submit their nominations before noon on March 3rd. Nominations for all other awards are due by noon on March 17th.

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