Rocky Horror came to Tech

Zachary Collin

The Rozsa hosted its usual preshow reception, featuring a DJ, movie trivia by the MTU Film Board, and a costume contest that ended the reception. Students were dressed in different costumes with some depicting characters from the movie. The receptionist set the tone for the night, giving an aura of fun debauchery according to a group of students who were discussing their next year’s Rocky plans. MTU student Kali Kater remarked on the overall atmosphere of the reception “Seeing everyone dress up in different costumes and showing spirit really brought out the individuality the movie pushes.”  She was dressed as Magenta the maid.


Rocky Horror holds a unique spot in film and cultural history. Made as a movie adaptation of Richard O’Brien’s 1973 theatrical play, the movie was initially a commercial and critical failure. However, the film saw a growing cult following its midnight screenings. The encouragement of drag costumes and the audience participation the movie is known for gave it a push into the public’s view, making it a cult classic.   


10:30 p.m. saw the opening of Rozsa theater, allowing eager Rocky fans to make their way to the seats. A public safety officer was present to ensure no guests became too unruly during the film.  No incident transpired at the 2022 show. 


11 p.m. saw the final preparations before the showing. Front of House Coordinator Samantha Hoover gave a speech greeting the unconventional conventionalists and reminding all patrons not to throw food, a customary tradition at most Rocky showings. The crowd was eager with anticipation, owing to the greater number of guests present since the COVID restriction of two years ago. The call-and-response participation along with moviegoers dancing to the classic “Time Warp” gave the movie life.