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Administration confirms raise in minimum wage for university employees

After last issue’s feature on USG Resolution 2021-2022 #003, The Lode staff reached out to administration for their input on the resolution. Dr. John Lehman, Vice President for University Relations and Enrollment, confirmed the administrative support of the resolution. He stated, “Michigan Tech finalized a new contract with AFSCME which includes pandemic pay to front line workers. Two thirds of our AFSCME employees will make over $15 an hour by July 1, 2022 with no one earning less than $14.75.” Lehman assured that health benefits would be maintained at the same levels as last year, “insulating employees from nearly $600,000 in additional costs.” 

Dr. Lehman also confirmed the university’s continuation of tuition exemptions for employees and extensions of education benefits “for Designated Eligible Individuals and dependents of full time employees from a 50% tuition discount to a 75% tuition discount.” He said that “the institution will continue to move forward with these efforts.” 

In response to USG bringing up the resolution, Dr. Lehman stated, “Undergraduate Student Government is an important voice representing the views and interests of our students. We appreciate USG’s intentions with this resolution and their support of efforts to enhance overall compensation.” 

“The success of Michigan Tech rests in the hands of our employees,” Dr. Lehman said. “As such, we are committed to competitive compensation packages, including wages and benefits.” 

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