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This week at USG

This week at USG, two visitors joined and gave presentations to the body. The first, Brady Good, presented on the Consumer Products Manufacturing Enterprise One Tumbler Project. Good asked the body for suggestions on how to improve the product and whether or not USG would be interested in funding this project in the future. 

The second visitor, Abbi Halkola, the coordinator of the Title IX program here at Michigan Tech, gave a presentation to increase awareness as to the Title IX resources available here on campus. Halkola stressed the importance of being aware of the support measures available to those considering reporting situations or concerns to the Title IX office. For more information, visit Michigan Tech’s Title IX webpage. 

USG President Zachary Olson and Representative Davi Sprague discussed the upcoming presentation to the Michigan Tech Senate regarding Fall Break. This presentation will take place this upcoming week. 

Many changes took place at this week’s USG meeting. New body members were sworn in at the meeting: Cheyenne Scott replacing Zachary Olson as President, Kaitlyn Black replacing Ethan Gerds as Vice President, Emily Ruf replacing Zbigniew Bell as Treasurer, and Isobel Bowker replacing Cheyenne Scott as Secretary. 

As this was the last week with the 2021-2022 USG body, members were asked to share their favorite part of serving with USG. The answers included the social events of the past semester, the connections made with other body members, the satisfaction of improving the campus as a whole, and, as quoted by a representative, “the debates we’ve had over the past year – most of them have been really great, some have been excessively long.” 

If you have any questions or concerns for USG please email USG President Cheyenne Scott at or fill out the form on their website.

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