Nine proposals introduced in University Senate


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Tucker Nielsen, Lode Writer

Last Wednesday during the school’s early closing due to weather, the University Senate held a virtual session. Nine new proposals were brought up for senate members to discuss and think on until the next meeting, where they’ll be voted on or postponed. Dr. Timothy Scarlett introduced proposal 31-22, which would establish accessible course materials, submitted by the Ad hoc Committee on Textbook Accessibility and Affordability. He explained how the proposal would create a standing committee within the Senate, consisting of people from various institutions plugged into networks in support of this effort, “to make them contact points for university wide issues and resources to instructors, and in helping to explore alternatives for expensive course materials.” 

Proposal 14-22 would prohibit scheduling examinations, projects, presentations, and papers on Election Day. 

Proposal 27-22 calls for modifying Senate Policy 413.1 on the accelerated master’s program. 

Proposals 33-22 and 35-22  would establish new graduate certificates in Automation and Controls in Mechatronics Systems, as well as Industrial Robotics, respectively. 

Proposal 35-22 would create a new graduate certificate in Industrial Robotics. 

Proposal 39-22 would amend Spring Break scheduling in Senate Procedure 101.1. 

Proposal 40-22 calls for improved access to health and wellness programs/activities.

Finally, proposals 41-22 and 42-22 call for amendments to the university senate constitution and bylaws, respectively.

Additionally, four proposals from previous meetings were brought up for approval: Proposal 17-22 calls for Institutional compliance to senate change procedures for searching for the Dean of the Graduate School, Proposal 18-22: Institutional compliance to senate change procedures for searching for university administrators, Proposal 26-22: Institutional compliance to senate change procedures for searching for college deans, and Proposal 30-22 calls for eliminating shelved programs. Proposals 17-22, 18-22, and 26-22 were postponed for discussion until April 6th, to be combined with 30-22.