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Say sayonara to saloon doors!

When asked about the motivation to redo the Douglas Houghton Hall (DHH) bathrooms, Matthew Weekly, Director of Housing Auxiliary Operations and Residence Education at Michigan Tech, was brutally honest. “The bathrooms are a sore point. They look worn and they don’t provide an ideal level of privacy.” DHH residents and visitors have described how the bathrooms’ old-time feel permeates throughout the entire building. However, this summer the DHH bathrooms will be redone. According to Weekly, “it’s not a touchup, it’s a complete makeover.”

The new bathrooms have been designed with modernization and privacy in mind. They will contain new finishes, sinks, and floors. Additionally, the stalls will be redone with a stronger level of privacy, meaning that the awkward saloon stall doors will finally become a thing of the past. Weekly says that the bathrooms will have a “refreshed look” and believes that students “will feel more comfortable using them.” Overall, the renovations will lead to an improved living experience for DHH residents and anyone who uses its facilities.

The new bathrooms won’t mirror those of Wadsworth Hall or McNair but will instead have their own unique design. Weekly indicated that the facilities will have “their own look but with similar goals.” Part of this has to do with some natural limitations that are based on design but will also be done to keep DHH’s traditional, historical look. “We want to find a way to honor that desire but at the same time give it that new feel,” Weekly stated. 

Once the spring semester comes to an end, the renovation is due to start the Monday after finals week. The renovations will continue throughout the summer, intended to be completed the week before first-year students arrive. As for students who might need to stay past finals week, Weekly strongly encourages them to do everything they can to move out on time so they are not inconvenienced. However, they are welcome to reach out to housing if necessary.

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