Husky thoughts: Spring Break plans


Rachel Dick, Managing Editor

Week eight is coming to a close. With midterms, scheduling, and graduation on the minds of many Huskies, we are ready for some time off. Thankfully, Spring Break is here to give us this much-needed relief. To celebrate, we asked students: “What are your plans for Spring Break?” Here is what they had to say:


“Going home and enjoying time with my cats.”






—Rachel Hartrick, fourth-year Computer Science student



“Getting work done and having fun.”






—Greg Redlon, third-year Mechanical Engineering student



“Wisdom teeth taken out and building a deck.”








—Zach Reed, third-year Mechanical Engineering student



“I am staying in Houghton and hosting my little sister for a few days to show her the Keewenaw.”







—Amanda West, second-year Mechanical engineering student



“Going to Alabama with a bunch of my fraternity brothers.”







—Ian Boulis, fifth-year Mathematics student