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Hancock City Council

The Hancock City Council convened Wednesday, March 2 to hear a presentation on the progress of the upcoming business and technology park, among other business.

The council began the meeting with a presentation from OHM Advisors, the architectural planning firm charged with preparing drawings and permits for the upcoming business and technology park in Hancock. Specifically, the project entails the construction of a new street from Tomasi Drive to Lake Annie Road furnished with 19 commercial lots. According to a representative from OHM, the planning and design phase is around 75% complete, which has allowed for the permitting process to begin. Once permits are in-hand and planning is finished, OHM will receive bids for the construction of the business park, which is slated to begin in May. The project is expected to finish by November, at which point the roughly 2-acre lots can be populated by new businesses.

Following the departure of council member Will Lytle in February, the council has carried an open seat awaiting applications from candidates to serve out the rest of the term, which expires in November. With interest from five candidates, Mayor Paul LaBine began discussions with his pick for the spot, ex-Mayor Lisa McKenzie, who has also served on the council. When asked, the mayor described her as “non-committal” with regard to future terms, however her experience and knowledge for the position made her a strong candidate in the eyes of the council. The council approved her appointment five to zero with one absence.

Following the completion of the draft Zoning Ordinance #309 by the Hancock Planning Commission, the ordinance came before the city council for introduction. The ordinance would define zoning for properties within the city, as decided by the Planning Commission. The council opted to table the issue until they could schedule a “work session” to debrief council members on the content of the ordinance.

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