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100 years ago: Quick, Watson. The sulphur and molasses.

The following article ran in the March 2, 1922 issue of the M.C.M. Lode. 


Spring approaches. In another month it will be an actuality. Each morning the sun greets us a little earlier; each noon approaches a little more closely the zenith; each evening tarries more belatedly as if reluctant to pause for a moment in preparing the world for Spring.

The jacket of snow that covers the stark and sere nakedness of the winter landscape will soon lose its pristine and unsullied whiteness; already it is flecked here and there with the ugly debris that lies exposed in the threadbare fabric. Soon Mother Earth will cast aside her soiled winter garment to reveal herself in her spring finery.

The New Year really begins with Spring. The conventional New Years Day of January is but the arbitrary distinction of musty minded astronomers who live only in the dark nights, probing the icy profundities of the blue cavern of darkness. 

Spring is the time of genesis; it is the occasion of youth — the period of rejuvenation.

Awake! Throw aside the stodgy cover of lethargy that has confined you during the winter. Forget the bleak futility of the past. Prepare for the New Year. Let it be a NEW Year — untrammelled by the mistakes of the past — free to develop in its utmost fulsomeness.

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